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February 27, 2007

Boy Was My Wife Hot. And I don't mean hot like good lookin', I mean hot like pissed.

LogosYesterday, we recieved one of the 43 credit card offers most of us get daily from one company or the other. This one made perfectly sound marketing sense as it came from Major League Soccer. As longtime soccer fans, former KC Wizards season ticket holders and over all MLS supporters, it made sense that Sarah or I would get on one of their lists.

Except that this offer wasn't for me or Sarah. It was for our five-year old son, Sean.

My wife went through the roof.

Best we can tell, since Sean is a member of the kid's club, The Zards – he gets special prizes, cheap tickets at the games and gets to play in the Wizards Zone playground thingy – the Wiz or MLS took the list and sold it to MasterCard/Visa.

Well, over the next 30 minutes Sarah got the Wizards on the phone, got MasterCard on the phone and even left a message with the MLS league office. The word "pissed" does not tell you what she was.

And isn't she right? I mean, Jesus, a little bit of list scrubbing, people please. Fortunately, in this era of identity theft, no compromising information was on Sean's application. No signature (he can't sign his name). No SS# (he doesn't know what one is) and no credit card for Lego purchases (that's what my paychecks are for.)

So go Wizards! Go MLS! Go Sean! Just not into credit card debt.


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I recently spent some time trying to reduce my postal Spam, and so far I would say it's been successful. I'm afraid I don't have the exact link I used, but here are some resources with similar instructions...






Basically, they all get you onto "do not mail" lists. Apparently, all the credit and banking folks have the same database, which stops just about all credit cards.

Because of my crazy hyphenated last name, I sometimes get the same junk mail three times! It drives us all up the wall so I understand your Wife's frenzy.

How can you prevent it anymore though. I get stuff that merges my wife’s middle name with mine–and I don’t have a middle name. All those lists out there in cyberspace fraternizing and what not. Scary.

Think about it. Start building credit history early and by the time he is 10, he could be looking at like a 15,000-20,000 line.

I get multiples of things where the difference is my middle initial is in one, but not the other.

I use Lifelock. It's worth the ten bucks a month to get zero credit card offers and know that no one can open a line of credit without me getting a phone call and approving it. They have a cheap version for kids, too, if one of the parents has it.

I'd be pissed, too. One of the iron-clad rules (if not THE rule) with kids clubs is that the club won't use the information for marketing purposes. Maybe someone screwed up, but if this team is selling kid's information for seed lists... that's just skanky.

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