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April 06, 2007

Mom Your Ride.

I think it's interesting to see a viral aimed at someone other than young males. I also like that this isn't a warmed over commercial. Clearly created just for YouTube. Unfortunately, this hits way too close to home for some of us. Best line? "Don't even think about it, I got kids."


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Dudes!! My wife love this. Mostly, because her minivan is "momed out" just like this one:-)Now it's on its way to sisters, friends and co-workers in true viral fashion:-)

Interesting especially since there was some recent research that, while older males are active YouTubers, women aren't.


Maybe it's just because the content doesn't appeal to them. I guess we'll see in after we see how this viral does.

And the not-so-subtle packing of the Zima in the back after Mom's ride is ruined suggests (from the ancient hipster ideology) that "kids will screw up your life, your possessions, your marriage - and they'll make you want to drink."

Make it 2 six packs, Mom!

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