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April 09, 2007

Vote for AC

Kevin Behringer over at Fly-Over Marketing has American Copywriter involved in the Most Valuable Podcast competition. Our Midwestern sensibilities are affronted by asking for your vote, but what the hell. We're up against Mitch Joel's Six Pixels of Separation. Mitch has a mighty political machine that can simply crush us. Oh, and he has a very good podcast, too. So go here and vote for us. If you do, Tug and I promise to record a podcast this week. Or don't. Because Mitch probably deserves to win anyway. And we'll record #51 no matter what. Speaking of which, now is an excellent time to send us those audio comments.

Thanks to Kevin for thinking of us.


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Why did Kevin put us up against each other?

Heck, I DO Six Pixels of Separation and I still feel like he's asking me to choose between my two children.

I hate these link baiting games!

I tell you what Mitch, let's make this worthwhile. You win, I buy the adult beverages when I see you. We win, you're on the hook. Plus since you own your agency you have to buy dinner, too.

That's more than fair.

But let's add something to the pot - either way, we wall agree to appear on each other's Podcast.

Man, what a rush to have you two on 6POS!

Uh, guys? Bloggers aren't supposed to be civil. Appearing on each others p-casts?! C'mon. You're at odds.

Let's start an vicious ring of internet pit fighting, we'll call it Blogsport (an homage to the Van Damme masterpiece) Each combatant will dip his fists in honey and then crushed glass (an idea gleaned from Jean Claude's Kickboxer.) Blood will flow with evey landed punch, mixing with honey to create a sweet and lasting reminder of a battle gloriously fought for marketing podcast supremacy.

Then again, the majority of Van Damme's recent flicks have gone straight to DVD, so maybe he's not the best model to follow. I guess, punching some guy in the business while doing the splits can only take your career so far.

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