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June 26, 2007

Can Friday Come Any Sooner?

Gallery1_20070621 Oh boy! I can't wait for Friday to arrive. Friday, June 29! You know what that is, right!?! That's right, it's iDay! And that means we can all finally get our hands on an iPhone. Take it home, call people, surf the interlux, etc. etc. etc.

Actually I'm more excited about Friday coming so we can start NOT hearing about the damn iPhone. This thing has almost 69 Million results on Google. In my RSS feeds, specifically TUAW, about 75% of all the posts for the past two weeks have been about the iPhone. Or an iPhone accessory. Or how much it'll cost for the data plans. It's been like Christmas day, every day, for the past month for them.

Seriously. If this isn't the most talked about thing since the supposed Y2k computer crash, I don't know what is. Maybe the Segway before it was called a Segway? Who knows. The sad part about Friday is that it won't be the end of the iPhone discussion. Starting around 7pm on Friday we'll get first hands-on reports. What it's like to un-package it. How well the reception is. If it breaks when dropping or when taking a shower with it. Someone will buy one only to break it open and show us the guts.

Think Microsoft is jealous of Apple's marketing genius?

The iPhone craze isn't over. Not for a long while. And if you're like me and tired of all the talk, buckle up, because it's about to get bumpy. Err, bumpier.


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If Paris Hilton gets one, we'll never, ever hear the end of it.

What's funny about it is that so many of us have convinced ourselves that we want it. Apple did a hell of a job promoting it, but we're the ones keeping the buzz going.

If you're an Engadget reader, they've cooked up a way to opt out of iPhone(and/or Apple)-related news.

iCan’t wait for the hype to be over.


As far as Microsoft goes, I think Gates came to terms a long time ago with not trying to come up with the best machine/gadget/gizmo. It’s obvious that their product line is all about quantity, not quality.

There's a line in Pirates of Silicon Valley that even though based on an unauthorized story, sums it up for me. Gates and Jobs are arguing, and Noah Wylie (as Jobs) says to him, “We’re better than you are...we have better stuff,” to which Anthony Michael Hall (as Gates) responds, “That doesn’t matter.”

(The clip is here.)

Hey...it's all about creative marketing. Apple has hot creative. And yes, their product IS better. I say good for Jobs!

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