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June 27, 2007

The iPhone's most important feature? The Brand.

The iPhone is partly about the features, but kids, it's mostly about the brand. And this is what seems to be lost on many of the folks in technology land. After all, the iPod wasn't the first, and one could argue, never the best MP3 player around. Especially for the dough. Many say the N95 is superior to the iPhone. In terms of the technology that may be true. In terms of the brand, however, the N95 isn't even in the same ballpark. The tech sites will be aflame with debate on Saturday. Few, however, will note that the iPod isn't really a piece of technology. It's a piece of self-expression. And that's why people will part with their money.


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Not to mention the styling. A big part of Apple's brand is the extent that they are driven to introduce only the very best in product design. All you have to do is compare the N95 that appears at the end of the video to the iPhone to see that they don't - compare, that is.

Absolutely. The perception that they have reinvented the phone is way more valuable than the invention, itself. The perception = the stock price = the connection to every other piece of apple ephemera out there. Fortunately, they've designed the crap out of it to be yet another beacon of functional form.

one of the coolest aspects of their viral campaign is simply giving each employee one for free...makes u wanna work for apple, eh?


--matthew from the technology desk at thenewsroom.com

Didn't they say these same things about the iPod when it came out? If you remember, the iPod was pretty late to the game. Jobs even mentioned that on it's release. There were alot of other perfectly capable mp3 players on the market. Think anyone would say that now? Your right. It's the brand. But, it's more than that. It's the brand, lifestyle and "I want one" factor all rolled into one little device. As far as the features? They will just get better with each release.

Matthew: Just read that Twitter gave their whole staff new iphones too.

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