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July 19, 2007

2007 Oustanding Commercial Emmy Noms

Congratulations to the following commercials and agencies who have been nominated for the 2007 Outstanding Commercial! We tip our hats and wish you all luck.

Animals - American Express Hungry Man, Production Company Ogilvy Mather, Ad Agency

Battle - Cingular BBDO New, Ad Agency Park Pictures, Production Company

Happiness Factory - Coca Cola Wieden Kennedy, Ad Agency Psyop Production, Production Company

Jar - GE BBDO New, Ad Agency Traktor Production, Production Company

Pinball - Pepsi Partizan Entertainment, Production Company BBDO New, Ad Agency

Singing Cowboy - Truth Arnold and, Ad Agency MJZ Production, Production Company

Snowball - Travelers Fallon Ad, Ad Agency MJZ Production, Production Company


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This isn't the Cingular ad, is it? ;-)


Did I read that former SHSer Darryl Hagans was the producer on Coke's Happiness Factory?

Yep. D currently works at W+K Amsterdam.

Amsterdam. Hmm. I'm wondering if this concept wasn't spawned out of one of the famous/infamous doobage cafes.

Here's the Cingular ad...


Thanks to AdFreak for providing the link to the Cingular Battle spot.

Thanks for collating these. I'm putting my money on the Happiness Factory.

Head On got gypped again.

Jar and Snowball. C'moooooon jar and snowball.

Fallon sure loves those San Fran hill-based concepts. They shot the Sony Balls spot there too.

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