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October 03, 2007


No matter how long I do this or how many concepts me or my cohorts come up with – it never hurts any less when an idea or campaign I love gets killed.

So here's to you Single Food Focus. Long live Single Food Focus!For59598


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a few years ago i interned at an agency that would actually put post-its that said DEAD on every piece that didn't make it out the other side of a client presentation. like salt in a wound.

sometimes it is better if a concept dies than if the client initial embraces it you write the script (approved!) production shoot (approved!) on to editing (wait that's not what we want, can you re-write the script and make it work with what we've already shot?) and the end product is a bastard child - that in the end nobody likes and you had to spend several months of your life bringing it to life. ah good times...

R.I.P. all our good creative

In your own immortal words:
"We are paid to care about the work."

Unfortunately, we pay for that, too.

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