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December 12, 2007

Whopper Freakout really sells.


So, in one fell swoop, we're selling the living hell out of product and freshening up the testimonial. Nice work Crispinites. Nice work.


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Yeah I don't know. I thought parts were funny (particularly the employees) but the overall idea - what if the world no longer had [insert product here] - doesn't seem entirely fresh or unique, but rather more of a generic creative device creatives often go to in the early stages of concepting. “What if Honda stopped making the Accord? What if all the Tide detergent was stolen from laundry rooms across the nation? Housemoms would go ape shit! Let’s do a spot about that!” Yeah no.

I think it is a unique approach - especially as john hinted at in regards to the testimonial. The indviduals are genuine BK advocates - especially when they flip it on them, giving them big macs and wendy's burgers. Excellent execution on the site with full browser video, homegrown cuts, and viral components.

i think the idea is kinda interesting, but it falls flat in the execution. the ads are boring to watch. sometimes reality isn't as interesting as made up stuff.

Favorite part? Watching the guys that had their Whoppers switched try to keep their cool. One guy looks like he's about to go Postal. Or would that be, Whopper?

The crazy thing is that despite being a patron of Burger King over any other burger franchise, I found these ads completely ridiculous and offputting, and not in a "so bad it's good" way. The lack of priorities and the sense of entitlement ("your manager better be at the window when I get there") on display from the cattle unable to cope with such a meaningless alteration in their routines may speak to the product's appeal (or addictiveness), but there's approximately another 20 burgers on their menu which uses the exact same meat and condiments, and they will make burgers to order. In no way do these spots make me want to be associated with these feebs; they make me want to become a vegan to get as far from them as humanly possible.

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