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January 08, 2008

Safe. From odor.

Mixed sports metaphors, high-top striped socks and an intentionally cheesy payoff. There's a lot to like here.


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Yeah. I like it. But then I think, "So some creative had a crappy, cheesy idea and merely figured out how to make it laugh at itself. How easy is that?"

I think it's the best one they've put out yet in this campaign--even if it doesn't star Bruce Campbell. The tone is really unique.

Old Spice running a little low on budget? I hope this didn't take too many takes. This poor guy has to be sore.

I love this spot. The campaign has been very fun, and I think they did a great job of creating a concept that did a lot of heavy lifting while still continuing the campaign (not an easy thing to do). Most of all, they have done what they are intended to do (something that Old Spice hasn't had for a while): to make Old Spice relevant again in the category.

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