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February 26, 2008

Failed Christmas Tree Air Freshener Scents

Old Man Crotch
Toe Jam
K9 Whiz
Ass Breath
Fumunda Cheese
Urinal Cake
Mardi Gras
Failed Dreams
Hipster (Not to be confused with Sandalwood)
Natty Dread
Jock Strap
Dutch Oven
Boy Scout Tent
Burnt Hair
E Coli
Expired Milk


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I've been trying to synthesize a combination of Old Man Crotch, Dingleberry and Jock Strap for years.

It hasn't been going well, mostly because old men don't like me swabbing their crotches. So this post comes a sort of a blessing. I will put away my flasks and Bunsen burners.

Guess I better start paying some attention to my family again.

Some other assorted flavors

• Taint
• Turkish Bath house water
• 13 yearold's crusty gym sock
• Ms. Lewis's fire crotch
• Used tampon
• The Failed Flush (when you think the turd went down, it didn't and instead stewed for x amount of time)
• Brittney's Philly Cheese Steak

in memory of Tourette's Guy:

• Tit Dirt

and thanks to Will Farell:

• Turtle Cage

Stuff just flew outta my nose.

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