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February 04, 2008

Miller High Life Delivery Guy Talks Super Bowl Ads

Talk about timely, funny and well-played - the Miller High Life guy is back and this time he's trying to deliver common sense to Super Bowl advertisers. Well done, Miller. Well done indeed.


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How in the name of red tape did they get that written, approved, filmed and edited in less than a day?

Thanks Derek! I can tell you either work for a client or an agency :) I was the client on this one, I work for Miller in the Digital Marketing group. The shoot was successful due in part to a lot of planning, typing scripts as Windell spoke, having our lawyers and key stakeholders on call till 5 am and an incredible team on set, dedicated to getting the job done! It was a lot of fun to watch the spots as they aired and then work angles around them. We worked through the night but I think it was worth it. I am glad you like the spot!

Brenna Sweeney
Digital Marketing, Miller Brewing Company

Excellent work, Miller. Great work.

And props to Crispin for originally creating the character.

Hey Brenna. That was nice of you to give a fellow Saatchi brand (Tide) a shout out. For me it kind of took the fun away from what you did. Made it seem like agency mud-slinging, and less brand voice.

What is the Miller High Life delevery man's name

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