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July 08, 2008

AC #59 Now Available

The Advertising Fight Club Edition

Wherein Tug and John ramble about the following:

Chapter One:    Cannes happened?
Chapter Two:    Advertising Fight Club (4:46)
Chapter Three: Back to that Cannes thing (10:49)
Chapter Four:   The Half Yearly Blues (16:32)
Chapter Five:    Home run story (21:21)
Chapter Six:      A tribute to Mr. Carlin (25:45)

We submit it all for your listening pleasure now.


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Hooray, I've missed you guys :-)

Listening to #59 today, I felt compelled to tell you guys that I, humble and devoted listener, built the animatronic head in the Cadbury Gorilla ad for a movie called Instinct while working for (your hero and mine) Stan Winston.


I've also seen that gorilla suit used in a Jeep "Bugs" spot.

Please record more often. Always a good commute with you two in my backseat (so to speak).

I'd fight Howard Gossage. Just because "Luck" was literally his middle name.

I'd also try to fight Fenske, but there would probably be a really long line.

Fun thought experiment, boys. May the 3rd and 4th quarters smile upon you.

Great podcast. And only JJ could describe collateral as "the 5th Cylon." Missed you guys.

P.S.: When did Matthew Mcconnaughey become Stucky?

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