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July 31, 2008

No matter what you say about Nike and their agencies, they sure know how to do this.

Thanks CMarshall.


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I think this is an example of why they should abandon psuedo-epic ads for a while. It's not very moving, because they've gone to this well so many times. And the song is pretty lousy.

It feels like someone's attempt at trying to make a Nike ad. It's not bad, it just takes the easy route. Fancy editing. Cut aways to "weird" stuff. A cool song.

And I don't get the courage tag at the end. Courage? Maybe a few of the shots but running track in college or winning NBA championships is not courage.


great interactive element as names and stories display in real time with the spot.

if anyone went to see Mike Wilskey - VP of nike brand management when he was in town you'll recall how nike built their brand early. it was spots like this that captured the passion and emotion of the athlete. I think its smart for them to come back to their roots every once in a while.

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