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July 09, 2008

What are you guys doing over there?

Yesterday we had an interesting lunch with a colleague about social media and at the end of the lunch, as we were saying our good-byes, an interesting question was asked, "what are you guys doing over there?" The question wasn't in reference to someone being curious as to your current goings-ons, but rather to a group of people doing a body of work. The more I thought about that question, the more I tinkered with how it could be asked.

What are you guys doing over there? (Good Scenario 1)
You consistently bring fresh and new ideas to your client, which flabbergasts them. Oft-times they don't know what you're talking about, but are glad that you're giving them options and educating them on current trends.

What are you guys doing over there? (Good Scenario 2)
You're doing something that has piqued someone's interest. Enough interest, in fact, that they're wanting to talk to you more and explore some possibilities of future work relations.

What are you guys doing over there? (Bad Scenario)
Your client is doing the leading and they're questioning your motivation (and maybe more). Are you behind on the times? Are you just doing what the client asks? Are you giving a care? In any case, it's not good.

I'm sure there are more scenarios out there, but the question is out there and it's one that you might want to ask yourself from time to time (a little inward constructive criticism never hurt).

So, good or bad, what are you guys doing over there?


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What am I doing? Correcting copywriters who get 'peaked' and 'piqued' confused. And of all shame, I'm an [anal] AD.

Ugh, man. It feels like everything is freaking collapsing. I don't even know where to start.

What are you guys doing over there, anyway?
To stimulate interest is to "pique".

Yeah yeah. Thanks guys. I'm not a writer by trade, and as a co-worker (who IS a writer) would say, the red squiggles didn't show up!

Acting as an educator as well as a seller..coz the more helpful and valuable your information is the greater the chance those customers will convert into buyers, the concept behind the new internet network marketing lead generation tactic called attraction marketing.

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