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August 04, 2008

God. And her agency.


Shoots take you outside from time to time. As golden hour approaches someone will inevitably say, "God is now our gaffer." In other instances, usually upon sight of any given natural wonder, you might hear, "God is one helluva creative director." But in Steffan Postaer's new book, "The Happy Soul Industry" God is a client. A client who needs a wayward ad man to fix her brand. God's brief? "Promote goodness in all its forms." The creative team at fictional Chloe, Night & Wiener pitch the idea of bringing people back to goodness through a campaign that asks one simple question: How Are You?

From the book :

Indeed, it was perhaps the most common question in the world, so mundane it had essentially lost all meaning. Yet, presented in the context of a bus stop ad, something marvelous and unexpected happened: The once rhetorical question became an emotional clarion.

Barry rubbed his whiskers, brightened.  “Everyone says ‘How are you?’ but what if we really meant it?”

Playing on this campaign idea, Postaer has also launched the "How Are You?" blog. A real online confessional for the advertising soul. Postaer is also promoting the book in Chicago and Los Angeles with a little help from the OAAA (who clearly still have some real love this little campaign).

Hmmm. Promoting a book in L.A., eh? Well, there are worse things than selling your soul to Hollywood.


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Funny...I ordered off his site and then I got diverted to your blog. God intervening here!?

I read this guy's first book, the Last generation. Kind of creepy end of th world thing. Looks like he's had a change of heart.

I am God and I ain't hiring no stinking angels.

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