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October 07, 2008

Drunken Emails Begone: Enter Google's "Mail Goggles"


Fucking a, I have absolutely sent out some dumb-as-shit emails when I was drunk. And as you know, there's no "Retract before delivery, for oh my fucking sweet Jesus Christ, I am a major league jackhole" button anywhere on the keyboard. Thank God for Mail Goggles, Google's latest victory in their bid to take over the world, one drunken email at a time. Their official blog entry about the new feature can be found here.

And please, if American Copywriter/Google can't help you, please, get help somewhere.


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hahaha! Thank God Indeed.

The next step: implanting it in your brain. So the next time you get wasted at the office party, you get a "Do you really want to say that?" check, BEFORE you stumble to the VP of Marketing and tell him EXACTLY what you think of his decision-making abilities.

hahaha that's awesome! lol

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