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January 19, 2009

BSG and the misfortune of placement

Yikes. Yeah, see this why bulk buys are not smart buys. If the splattering tomato soup doesn't get you, wait for the final lyric of the very familiar soundtrack. Two warnings: If you haven't seen the latest BSG this is a spoiler. And if you are squeamish, well, you know, skip this altogether.

Props to Dabitch at Adland.


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Uh, wow. That wasn't played on my local channel. How amazing.

This is why I don't watch live TV with the commercials. The patience to wait a few hours will eliminate this sort of awkwardness.

Honestly, I didn't find the symbolism to be distasteful, but then the lyrics started and I had to smack my forehead.

It should be noted that it would be impossible to know what detail every show is going to be portraying. That is why it is wise to think about the cable network as a whole, and whether or not there is a chance something could be questionable. FX for example has some great programming, but not always family friendly, so brands with those concerns should avoid the entire network, unless they have the resources to review all program content.

Jeez, that is so completely unfortunate.

I'll agree with Cindy that many agencies couldn't know the storyline of shows they are making placements with. You have to chalk it up with really, really rotten luck.

Hilarious on many levels, but still rotten luck.


The timing of that was just brilliant!

It almost makes me forgive them for practically defiling the Sony Bravia concept with a half-cocked attempt to rip off the colour explosion effect (even though it bares no relevance to their product).

One thing that puzzles me though, are the BSG followers really soup eaters? And even if they are, surely they'd hate the style of that spot, no? I am, and I do!

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