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February 02, 2009

#AC 61 Now Available

AC 61 The Super Bowl 43 Listen In Edition

Tug and John sit down with their families to take in the spectacle of Super Bowl 43. Listen in to real time reactions, loads of baby cooing and sharp-tongued post-beer analysis.

Chapter 1: Preamble

Chapter 2: Faith & John (5:37)

Chapter 3: First Half Listen-in (6:50)

Chapter 4: First Half Analysis (14:12)

Chapter 5: Second Half Listen-in (18:22)

Chapter 6: Second Half Analysis (25:54)

Chapter 7: Post Script (31:19)

How did you thoughts match with ours? Find out now.


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Great show. Good to hear you guys again.

I agree with your opinions on most spots. Someone here pointed out that Teleflora felt a bit like a retread of the Tide Talking Stain.

I'm right on board with Tug on the Doritos spot not needing the second joke.

Our fave from the office tourney was the one second spot, shows the media and creative teams working together for a great cause. And their media buying chicanery was brilliant to buy locally and get around the AB national exclusivity.

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