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February 01, 2009

Two ways to be part of our Super Bowl podcast

Sb43_mark Although our opinion on the Super Bowl is really the final word (I mean, come on), we do truly welcome your thoughts on this year's Super Bowl spots. Tug and I will be recording the podcast during the game. You can play along two ways. If you Twitter you can get a message to us with an @americopywriter reply or direct message. Or you can use the handy/dandy Mobasoft audio comment system. This year, we're considering more than just simple liked it/didn't like it. We're going to also consider "is it Super Bowl worthy?" A spot may be good, but fail to shine brightly enough for advertising's biggest stage. Our motto is, go big or go home. Our guess? Coke or Bud will win the day. But, like they say, this is why we play the game. Both Tug and I have strived to remain spoiler-free refraining from viewing pre-released spots in order to give you our virgin opinions.  So, hunker down, get your snack on and enjoy advertising's biggest day. Cheers.


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I think these two ways would be really helpful for being the part of your Super soul podcast! I would love to appreciate the efforts.

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