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March 02, 2009

4 Reasons I Love this new Filet o' Fish Spot

1. It brings back Billy the Talking Bass from a few years ago. Remember, he sang "Take me to the river"? That's good stuff.

2. I love McD's Filet o' Fish. I love the taste, the name, the o'  and pairing it with a cheap hamburger for a delicious drive thru Surf and Turf.

3. I love this song. It's not a jingle, it's a song. It advances the plot and by allowing itself to be so bad it becomes good.

4. I also love the fact that as much as I love it, others hate it.

Happy Monday.


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So, uh... did I miss the four reasons? Or is old age finally catching up with you and you forgot them?

BTW, happy birthday, my man.

At least that ad is funny
(hysterical by McDonald's standards) because the Wendy's fillet of fish ad with the icebergs is simply awful.

5. That they’re 2 for $3 up here.

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