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May 12, 2009

Denny's Allnighter -- Is that unicorn high?

I'm not entirely sure this is working but, hey, at least they're trying something. Go here for more stuff I'm not sure I get.


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Nothing says "good times with friends" like mythical creatures having dinner ... while high. Congrats, Denny's, you just made tomorrow's WTF Wednesday.

I really liked it, even though the personalities make absolutely no sense.

The website is really interesting, tying in bands and shows and then the late night visits to Denny's.

When was the last time you guys were at a Denny's after midnight? Nails the audience, nails the voice, nails the message.

Well played.

When KFC Unthought up a new branding campaign, they pulled it off. They kept it simple, down to earth and focused on what it actually was. Kentucky Grilled Chicken. Simple.

Denny’s hit on the exact opposite of KFC’s UNThink campaign. Sorry, but you can NOT place a dinosaur, a stoned unicorn, and leprechaun together with the copy, “Good Friends, Good Values.” Let alone the fact that this campaign is an attempt to get bands and music fans to go to Denny’s. Doesn’t Work.

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