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June 10, 2009

Because nothing says "Christmas" like a horribly burned Starship captain.

Picture 3

A couple of questions:

1. Why, when possessing technology that allows for interstellar space travel, would the solution to Captain Pike's burns be a box with a  blinking light that translates his thoughts into "One for yes, two for no"?

2. Why, after they had replaced Captain Pike (who was from the pilot episode of TOS) with Kirk, did they feel the need to bring back the footage they had orginally shot as "The Menagerie?"

3. Why Hallmark, why?


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Hmmm...do I buy now or wait to see if they release a double set with Chekhov's Ceti Eel in his ear from "Wrath of Khan"?

Personally, I'm just waiting for a big head of Kirk screaming "Khaaaaaaaan"


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