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June 11, 2009

Currently residing in the "Are You Shitting Me" file


I'm getting up on my soapbox:

So let me get this straight: With two fucking wars going on, an economy that's in the shitter, a Middle East that is on the brink of disaster, a massive spending bill that put our grandkids into debt and doesn't seem to have done shit, unemployment getting close to 10%, a potential pandemic flu bug and a crazy jackass opening fire in the Holocaust Museum -- the fucking volume of TV commercials is what Rep. Anna Eshoo, a Dem from California is worrying about? Are. You. Fucking. Kidding. Me?

My God, get a clue Congress. We need some relief out here and it's not going to come by way of softer sounding TV spots.

In the immortal words of Slim Pickens as Mr. Taggart from Blazing Saddles, "I am depressed."

Ok, I'm off the soapbox. For now.

NOTE: Commenter Paul Tosh wondered about my use of the term "redneck" when describing the Holocaust Museum shooter. He is correct. It was a bad word choice. It has been changed. Thanks Paul.


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Yep, and that's not much better than all the time Congress has spent on baseball/steroids and the college football BCS.

Well put Tug.

Hmmmmm....I didn't see any factoid about the Holocaust Museum shooter being from the south, from the country or a working class person. At the risk of becoming one of the "p.c." crowd I so abhor, as a gentleman from the south and from the mountains (does that automatically make me a hillbilly?), I question the use of the term "redneck." Would that make the muslim convert who shot two marines in front of the recruiting office (killing one) a "redneck"? IS ANY shooter therefore now become a "redneck?" Just curious.

But I do agree about the ridiculousness of the advertisement volume issue.

Agreed Paul, thanks for the soft reprimand. It has been amended to "jackass."

I personally think this is something so fuckin important that it should be taken to the SUPREME COURT! Who do these advertisers think they are? Didn't their mamas teach them not to yell?

Just yankin your chain, Tug!

Miss ya! ; )

I prefer you use the word redneck. I believe it is an apt description.

Not gonna lie. I would run on that platform: “Lower taxes—and lower commercial volume.”

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