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June 24, 2009

Hey, where's the hot wax machine?

When I first started in the agency business, computers were already used extensively (although where I started all the Macs were networked in one big room). Even so, every art director still had a drawing board and a fine set of Rapidograph pens in his or her office. More often than not, numerious exactos were hurled into the ceiling. We also had a hot wax machine for the paste-up guys which was also occasionlly utilized as a torture chamber for unfortunate insects. An awesome post from Adbroad reminisces about more of the great stuff the art directors used to have laying around. For more check out the Museum of Forgotten Art Supplies.


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We had a waxer in our newspaper production studio back when I worked for my school paper in 1998-99. Our advisor, who later became quite a mentor to me, demanded that for every layout we do thumbnail sketches, then paper paste-ups, then finally, the computer layout (in Quark). It was a hassle, but I'm glad I went through it.

I still have scars from the hot wax machine. Horrible, horrible scars. ::shivers::

Rapidographs and the proportion scale are things I still have/use, just keep the rubylith away from me.

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