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June 12, 2009

May we present you with The Comfort Wipe.

It's not a spoof. Really. Thanks for Paul Diamond for the find.


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Where's Billy Mays?

...as opposed to the "Discomfort" Wipe.

Thanks to the progress bar at the bottom of the video, I know I was slackjawed for 1:40.

Thank you for posting this valuable product.

uuuuuuuuuuuuuuhhhhhh what?

How do you sell a product whose main benefit is arguably too gross to be demonstrated? Get a testimonial from a man who really looks like he'd need one.

I also dig how they continually looped the nifty grab-and-release function. Comfort Wipe, or what I would call sphincter-on-a-stick.

So I guess this is for people who are too grossed out to rub their own booties, but aren't grossed about leaving do-do residue that the comfort wipe has left behind (pun intended).

Fun to joke about - but it wouldn't surprise me if it sells quite well.

I especially liked the benefits: "maintain your dignity while maintaining your personal hyegene".

Growing infirm is a pretty humiliating process. It's no joke to the folks who struggle with this issue themselves.

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