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July 14, 2009

Mos Def T-shirts: Way cooler than my CD bikini


In a musical genre that is often bereft of original ideas, one rap artist has come through with a great one: T-Shirts.

Wait. What?

Sounds dumb, I know. But this particular T-Shirt might change the music industry forever. On the surface, it looks like a plain ol' cotton job that features the album art on the front and track list on the back. Look a little closer, though, and you'll see a download code that lets you get the whole album for free online. That's right -- the album is right there on the shirt. But that's not even the best part of this whole scheme. Mos, somehow, got SoundScan to count each shirt sold as an album sold.

Awesome, right? I thought so, too. But is it the future of music? Is this how artists and record companies add enough value to the traditional album to get you to buy a hard copy instead of paying half the price to download from iTunes? And most importantly, will I be able to get the new KISS album on a pair of platform boots?


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Pretty sweet. You failed to mention that the actual album is pretty bad ass too.

Wow, Mos Def is definetely pioneering digital music and advertising. If only the RIAA was on the same page!

But couldn't I just look at the code on my friend's shirt? It's an interesting idea and a great way to market the album and sell merch but in the grand scheme the album will inevitably be posted on music torrent sites for free w/o t-shirt purchase.

@Sam Hendricks

Yes, of course the album will leak to torrent sites and be widely available for free. That's been happening for the last decade.

What I think you might fail to see is that there are still people who go out and buy an album from a store or pay to download it from iTunes. The T-shirt gives those people, for the same price they would have paid for the album anyway, the opportunity to get something extra -- in this case, a pretty cool t-shirt from an artist they like and support. It's all about added value.

Thats actually a pretty cool idea if you look at it as getting a free tshirt for buying an artists album. Whens the last time you saw a really popular artist do something like that?

Very original idea, I'm surprised that he got SoundScan to count a shirt sold as an album sold. Just goes to show the new mediums that are being explored to advertise a product.

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