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August 19, 2009

Art & Copy: The Movie. Hell yes.

Check out the trailer. I am taking my whole creative dept. Why don't you?

*Currently no showtimes for KC but I am going to email the producers to see what can be done. Request a showing by emailing [email protected].

**Also check them out at facebook.


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Is it playing in KC?

Everyone in that trailer seems to be very, um, distinguished. Does this mean it's a film about advertising's history? Is it wrong that I only half care about why the 70s sucked, and the rise of fast food culture?

I'm going to see it in NYC this Friday. I guess I'll formulate a more informed opinion this weekend.

It is a must see if you're in the business, want to learn from the masters, and believe there are lessons from the past that we can apply to the future. All of these folks would have been creative in any medium. They would have invented, challenged convention, stood up for their beliefs and insisted on originality. I hope people view the movie through those filters. This should not be about trying to replicate what they did or used to hold onto the past, but to realize that qualities of great creative people and learn to apply them to what comes next.
If I have any fear it's that viewers will look at what they did and long for those days instead of taking the how they accomplished what they did, the qualities that made them successful and applying them to all that's new.

If anyone's interested, I wrote a review. In short, I was unimpressed by the movie, but always impressed by the ads.


Ohh this will be great. I hope it becomes mainstream so the general public can see the work the we do to make them happy.

Hey, guys. I'm late to this post. But the guy to contact to get a screening near you, email Michael Nadeau at [email protected]

He'll follow up with you.

best, db

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