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August 03, 2009

Bobby McFerrin and why you need to zag.

Because everybody gets it. (and by "it" I mean everything.  Your jokes, your spots, your ads and your clever copy lines and "breakthrough" design.) They're on to us an we (and they) know it. And since expectations are powerful stuff – look at this video –  make sure to remember that if you don't zag when they think you are gonna zig – nobody hears nuthin'.

Plus, how f'ing cool is this video?


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Thanks for the great post. I teared up at the same point both times I watched (but in a manly way).

Great illustration of a point.

Awesome video. I've heard Bobby McFerrin interviewed several times and he's a really interesting guy.

Unfortunately, too many times marketers and agencies rely on the "tried and true" - look at the movie industry today. Maybe we should replace "tried" with "tired."



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