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August 17, 2009

The revolution is over, and the naysayers lost.

I'm officially putting marketing people who say social media is a fad in the same category as the policy-makers who think global warming is a myth.


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It's not a fad. But it's also not something to forsake all other media for, which I think a lot of agencies and companies are doing. It's another tool we get to use to communicate a brand message. Hand in hand with the other tools we use, it can be pretty powerful. That is, once we figure the damn thing out.

100 million users in 9 month for Facebook? 1 billion app downloads? The numbers are right, but it took more than 9 months, so from that angle it kills the comparison with other mediums. This video was most certainly done by an advertiser...

Don't believe everything you read. Or see in a youtube video. Some fact checking is in order.


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