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September 25, 2009

New post - NOW WITH HUMOR!

xkcd is a fantastically clever web comics that geeks the world over have embraced in a big way. I used to only read it when it made the front page of my favorite social bookmarking site (reddit), but after reading today's strip, I'm in the fan club.


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It's annoying alright. Like ketchup with a "cholesterol free" starburst screaming at me.

I am probably the only person I know who bought every flavor of Triscuits because I couldn't decide which I liked better and knew eating them on their own would provide no conclusive results.

I've got a webcomic on advertising, lemme know what you think:

It's a variation on an old joke. A fish cannery is getting killed at stores by a new competitor, and the president calls in a legendary ad man.

"We sell the best white salmon on the market," says the president, "but this new pink salmon product has come out with better graphics, great store merchandising and a promo budget we can't touch. What do we do?"

"This," says the adman. And he turns around his notepad to show a thumbnail of a new ad. The headline: GUARANTEED NOT TO TURN PINK!

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