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January 11, 2010

Will you let your fingers do the walking?

For the last few years, the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) has given us sneak peaks into the future of computing. Every year, a group of the latest, greatest (and sometimes most ridiculous) gadgets about to hit the market are unveiled and showcased for the world to see. 

CES 2007 predicted the proliferation of true HD video. 2008 declared Blu-Ray the next-gen video media victor. 2009 introduced the little, lovable netbook to the mainstream computer user. And each year, Microsoft, Sony and the rest of the electronics giants saw their new tech offerings become big tech trends. 

Which brings us to 2010. This year, if CES is once again tuned in to what the consumer desires, will be the year of the tablet. HP, Lenovo, Sony and a myriad of other gadget makers announced new devices, and the conference was abuzz with rumors (which have since been confirmed) of the Apple iSlate, which will reportedly be revealed at an Apple Press event on the 27th. These devices will be running everything from Windows 7 to a build of the Android mobile platform to completely new OS' custom-built from the ground up. 

But no matter what software they run, the big question when it comes to tablet computing remains: what, exactly, will we use it for? 

Do you really want to type out a full blog entry or term paper on a touchscreen? Is the touch interface truly the best way to view the web? Will this all-natural form of input be what finally makes computers approachable to the decidedly anti-tech Greatest Generation and older Baby Boomers?

All of these questions are good ones, and ones that we can't see clear-cut answers to. So we turn to you, dear readers.

Does the thought of a multitouch UI excite you, or would you rather just stick to your keyboard and mouse? What applications do you see a touch interface most seamlessly meshing with? And finally, what might this groundbreaking new tech mean for those of us in The Bidness?

Only time will tell for sure, but we'd be happy to settle for your best guess for now.


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