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March 16, 2010

Buy this book -- right now.


A new book, Rework, by the guys behind 37Signals, is absolutely the best book on making your business/creativity thrive I've read since Seth Godin's Purple Cow.
Honestly, I saw it on Uncrate yesterday, bought it this morning and am already on page 60. Quick, concise and fucking common sensy – it is a must read guys. Really.

Now, you magnificent bastards, stop reading the internets and go do something great.


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Their first book 'Getting Real' (available online for free) was excellent:

It was based on very simple principles for web development, applicable to nearly any business and strategy. And actually had the same Godin quote to 'Ignore it at your peril'. I'm curious how many concepts are similar or repurposed - glancing over the list of essays I see several.

What this says to me is that they noticed how relevant their principals were to modern business. Seeing a larger opportunity to position their original concepts for a broader audience. It'll be interesting to see how much more successful 'REWORK' is than 'Getting Real'.

I haven't bought the book yet but I absolutely love the philosphies and manners of Jason and 37Signals. I've heard him speak on several podcasts and in real life and he definitely gets how the 21st century workforce should exist.

I think everyone should buy this book and slap a copy on the desk of their baby-boomer boss and say, very politely, "Please fucking retire so we can fix the economy and our nation. Thanks"

Loved it. Read it in 24 hrs. Highly recommend.

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