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April 07, 2010

App Search: Postponed (for now)


After spending a good hour yesterday searching for a quality printing/file sharing solution for the iPad - well, let's just say I didn't find much. In fact, let's also say that the dearth of apps left me utterly flabbergasted. I know that a narrow app selection is one of the prices us early adopters must pay for our lack of patience, but I was expecting to find SOMETHING useful. Instead, all I got was the mediocre-at-best PrintCentral (iTunes link) app that frankly just isn't cutting the mustard.

But alas, the good folks at Apple may come to the rescue! I've been informed by one of our office Mac whizzes that the upcoming iPhone OS4 update is rumored to include built-in printing and file sharing capabilities for both the iPhone and iPad. I'm excited to hear this news a) because, as I said, the current solutions are clunky and inefficient and b) because I have trouble believing that any software company could pull this off better than the boys in Cupertino. 

So stay tuned tomorrow at noon (Central Time, of course), folks. Mr. Jobs may be bringing us one step closer to making the iPad as magical and revolutionary as he claims it is.


Uh, I think 10am pacific is noon central time, not 8 am.

Right you are, Bill. Alas, we copywriters are typically donkeys when it comes to even the simplest of math.

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