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April 13, 2010



This morning, as I sat down to have my morning cup o' joe, I opened this email, which is a response from the development team at Office2. I had emailed them a couple of days ago to ask about the (lack of) printing capabilities on their current app, and their plan to build that functionality in later. The response is all I could have hoped for. At last, a full, file-syncing, printing office suite is coming (hopefully very) soon! I can't wait. OK -- now that we've got that out of the way, I'd like to share my thoughts after a little over a week of trying out the iPad. Well, only one thought, really: 

I'm hooked. 

After only a few days of use, I don't use my laptop for anything other than hardcore word processing. The beautiful OS and the utter simplicity of use have impressed and at times even astounded me. The interface is the most streamlined I've ever experienced. I don't know how to explain the user experience, other than to say it "just feels natural." 

On the occasion that I do open up my MacBook Pro, it now feels to me almost like Windows did when I was using OSX. The keyboard and monitor setup are clunky and complicated and the Folder-based GUI feels harder to navigate. 

Now - none of this is to say that the iPad doesn't have it's limitations. The platform will only go as far as the development community takes it, and that community is rapidly fleeing for the open-source and more robust Android platform. I should probably say here that Google and HTC (the makers of the Nexus One) are rumored to be developing an Android-based Google Slate. I can't wait to see what that looks like. 

That said -- I'm thrilled with the possibilities the iPad presents. It's potential is off-the-charts. I may just be slipping into Jobsie's Reality Distortion Field here, but being a skeptic when this device was first announced, I kinda doubt it. I think the iPad is the real deal.


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Liking the updates, but I'm a little worried that you don't know what alas means.

There is also a WePad coming out which I think is what Android is renaming the Slate to. I have seen a few sites demo'ing it and it is something I hope to get. The possibilities for digital manipulation of images on the WePad will be endless with Android technology.

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