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September 30, 2010

This is one home-erotic blog post




First of all, I need to start working better, harder, faster and stronger to start creating work of this caliber. I mean, cheap sex jokes are one thing, but actually working them into the copy in a meaningful way? Well done, sir. I will say, though, that I'm quite disappointed Mr. Wanket isn't wearing an overcoat in his headshot. That's OK, though. I'm sure he's not wearing any pants.

Also, did anybody else notice that Mr. Wanket's copywriter (aka his right-hand man) felt the need to capitalize "Real Estate Masturbation?" Is that a real term? What does is mean? Can houses arouse themselves to the point of blowing something out of their chimney and shaking uncontrollably?

If there is, I can't find any videos of it on the internet. Too bad, really. That shit sounds HOT.


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This photo is from my blog called Stuff about Minneapolis.



Kudos if your blog was the first to post this up. I grabbed the photo off of reddit.com. Thanks for reading!

You should have been here for the earthquake a few weeks ago. You'd know all about what happens when houses get beaten, flicked, choked and rubbed. If only I'd had the handy cam... handy.

That guy is just really fortunate in that he has a great name to 'play with'.

I employ people like that guy -- on my books I have Alotta Fagina, Hugh G. Rection, Zach O'Balls, and quite a few other well-named people.

Rich Will Wanket is now on my headhunt list. I was going to say head-something-that-rhymes-with-hunt-list. But I thought that might be too much :)

Richard Clunan
Wordfruit Copywriters

Classic! That name is a real winner. Rich Will Wanket. Still laughing:p

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