September 20, 2010

A real revolution in social media.


You've probably seen this. I hadn't. This is right up my comedic alley. Best touch? "France likes this." 

June 24, 2009

Hey, where's the hot wax machine?

When I first started in the agency business, computers were already used extensively (although where I started all the Macs were networked in one big room). Even so, every art director still had a drawing board and a fine set of Rapidograph pens in his or her office. More often than not, numerious exactos were hurled into the ceiling. We also had a hot wax machine for the paste-up guys which was also occasionlly utilized as a torture chamber for unfortunate insects. An awesome post from Adbroad reminisces about more of the great stuff the art directors used to have laying around. For more check out the Museum of Forgotten Art Supplies.

June 23, 2009

R.I.P Ed McMahon

So long Ed. Here's hoping you and Carson are doing a show up there tonight.

June 18, 2009

Schlitz embraces the more recent past.


My grandfather had a silver cup that hung on a hook in the kitchen of 2020 Moyle Street. Printed on clear glass at the bottom of the cup was the phrase, "When you're out of Schlitz, you're out of beer." I drank Dr. Pepper out of that cup every summer as a kid. Zipping home the other day, I heard a radio spot announcing that, "...the classic Schlitz formula, the one that made Schlitz the most popular beer in the country in the 60's is back." I thought it was an interesting enough play and hopped on the Schlitz site where I found that the campaign was paid off with loads of 60's ads and merchandise (sorry, no silver cups).

Then I saw this post on Adpulp. The retro trend has been hot forever it seems. For years, however, we played more with iconography that hailed from 50's and early 60's (yeah, 30's and 40's, too). Today, it seems that retro design is sprinting toward late 60's, 70's and even, gulp, the 80's. It all makes sense, of course. Since 2001 times have been more than a little unsure. Whether they really were or not it's soothing to our senses to look back at "simpler times." Well, that that and all the art directors are watching Mad Men.

Somewhere someone got asked the question, "How do we make Schlitz relevant again?" I think the decision to just let its old brand shine again is right play (although I am certain there were meetings where someone said, 'Why do we want to look old? We need to be contemporary!").

Could be I'm biased by my grandpa's old cup, but I'm buying Schlitz this weekend.

File under: marketing to men

June 17, 2009

Muppet Advertising Ass Kickery -- at your service.

So I saw this post on Boing Boing. They pointed to Russell Bates a filmmaker and great friend of American Copywriter, who had pointed them to some old Muppet commercials from the 60s that mainly featured product non-users getting clouted, eaten or blown up. Then I found this presentation for La Choy on Flooby Nooby. Shit man, I could watch this stuff all day. It is awesome. Check some of it out when you take a break. And Jim, I still miss you man.

May 05, 2009

Happy SInko De Mayo


It's an oldie but a goodie from Sullivan Higdon & Sink. Try your hand at the "Beat the Sheep Pinata" game. Hint: Note the level of the sheep pinata before you are blindfolded. Then watch the sheep shadow. Or, hell,  just swing wildly. Enjoy the day, friends.

Note to Brazilian Art Director: Wish you were here!

April 28, 2009

Advertising: The Swine Flu Antidote.

These ads form '76 demonstrate that if the global pandemic occurs some agency will get some work out of it. So, you know, we got that going for us. Wash your hands and cover your mouth people. Via adpulp.

March 11, 2009

He puts an addictive chemical into his chicken that makes you crave it fortnightly, smartass.


No matter how many times they change the logo, change the name or try to kill the Colonel, you just can't keep the old Southern Gentleman down. In fact, you can't even toss him in a Japanese river to get rid of him. Timeless advertising icon? For sure. Terminator? Perhaps. From MSNBC.

August 28, 2008

Classic copywriting.

July 30, 2008

Mark our words: Mad Men will drive agency fashion.


Now that corporate casual is boringly abundant on the client side, it's nearly time for contrarian agency types to switch up business fashion. And how do you rebel against casual? You go Mad, of course. Word on the street has it that BBDO New Yorkers are already rocking skinny ties and fedoras. The industry could use a little sprucing up to be honest. I don't mind wearing a suit now and again. Of course, I'm just not sure what HR is going to say about a crystal Scotch decanter. Think you'll never see your flip-flopped, tatooed art director partner in a sharp suit or an up do? Come on. Who is more susceptible to advertising than ad people?

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