February 07, 2011

AC #68 Now Available

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AC #68: The Super Bowl 45 Edition

Bites and Bytes from John amd Tug's Super Bowl Party. What scored? What bored? Listen up to opinions from John and Tug plus a whole ton of AC friends. And remember kiddies, AC is NSFW. 

Looking for a second or 10th opinion? Check out what the Ad Hole Jason Fox has to say (note: he does not always agree with us).

Neither does Bill Green.

And check out all the good stuff from the AC community on Twitter at #acbowl

November 05, 2010

Cleveland responds to LeBron's new spot.

Interesting (and nicely done) parody of the new LeBron spot. Wondering if any of friends in Cleveland have any additional info?

March 20, 2009

Coke Zero demonstates deep understanding of basketball glory.

It would seem the magnificent bastards at W+K, sorry CP+B, do, in fact, understand the glory of college basketball. With apologies to our MU fans, Rock Chalk.

February 16, 2009

When Collapsing Ads Goes Bad

Picture 1 If you're not a big sports fan, and/or don't visit sports news web sites that often, ESPN.go.com (why do they still use that url anyway?) recently underwent an overhaul. They did quite a bit of re-vamping to the site to accommodate more imagery, video and columns. The changes, in my opinion, are nice and do a good job of showcasing the news they want to highlight.

As someone that has worked on extensive web redesigns in the past, I know that when you're re-tooling a site that contains more than content, like advertising, you're planning for a LOT more than just your own infrastructure. It appears that ESPN did that, to some degree.

The homepage now features an area where an expandable flash ad can be placed almost seamlessly with the page design. To further that notion, ESPN has also included users the ability to expand/collapse the ad before it plays through and collapses on its own. The problem is that ESPN either didn't give the advertiser, Sprint, the banner specs -- or Sprint didn't abide by them. Because I'm pretty sure that I wouldn't want my company's logo covered up for whatever price I'm paying to be on ESPN's web site.

Has anyone encountered something like this with their banner advertising and was it fixed in your favor?

February 01, 2009

Two ways to be part of our Super Bowl podcast

Sb43_mark Although our opinion on the Super Bowl is really the final word (I mean, come on), we do truly welcome your thoughts on this year's Super Bowl spots. Tug and I will be recording the podcast during the game. You can play along two ways. If you Twitter you can get a message to us with an @americopywriter reply or direct message. Or you can use the handy/dandy Mobasoft audio comment system. This year, we're considering more than just simple liked it/didn't like it. We're going to also consider "is it Super Bowl worthy?" A spot may be good, but fail to shine brightly enough for advertising's biggest stage. Our motto is, go big or go home. Our guess? Coke or Bud will win the day. But, like they say, this is why we play the game. Both Tug and I have strived to remain spoiler-free refraining from viewing pre-released spots in order to give you our virgin opinions.  So, hunker down, get your snack on and enjoy advertising's biggest day. Cheers.

August 11, 2008

Our favorite spot of the Olympics so far.

Great art direction. Great concept. Oh, and great sell for Coke, too.

August 10, 2008

More proof that creative matters.


In this ROI-conscious world there are many who will tell you that it is easier, smarter and safer to focus only on function. Function, after all, is the point. Form is for sissies who only care about "winning awards." Form is fuzzy and full of risk. Form is a concern for artists not coldly efficient business people. Save this photo to remind those people (and yourself) that the right form multiplies function. The right form makes function transcendent. The right form reaches out and changes the opinion of the whole, wide world.

July 26, 2008

Talking like an insider.

Those in the know will love what they see here. What seems arcane to an outsider is pure poetry to an insider, and that can make an ad highly polarizing and highly relevant. A formula often ignored and/or feared by brands.

Hat tip to Did You Ever Notice?

File under: Marketing to Men

July 25, 2008

Now YOU Can Take the Tour Back, Virtually!

Letour If you're like me, one of the ways you fill your sports void during the summer is by watching baseball following the Tour de France. I think it's an amazing race that has been getting way too much negative publicity as of late because the riders have made the incredibly poor decisions to use performance-enhancing drugs.

This year was supposed to be the year that they were going to "Take Back the Tour," but there has already been several riders banned because they were doping... again. Le sigh.

But now, for those of you that DO enjoy watching/following The Tour, you can now do so in the comfort of your own personal computer space with Pro Cycling Manager 2008.

I haven't played it, but among the things I'd think you'd be able to do include:

  • Manage your rider as he climbs in the Pyrenees and Alps, sprints in the flat stages or burn rubber on the time trials
  • Draft other riders and allow them to burn their energy away
  • Before/after stages, consume 3,000+ calorie meals
  • Be in one-half of the Peloton as you split up to traverse roundabouts
  • Put your chain back on your bike after you wreck
  • Hit dumb fans that stand in the road while you're racing
  • Throw water bottles and feedbags into the French countryside
  • Take performance-enhancing drugs and dodge the random drug tests

Okay so maybe you won't do the last one, but it would definitely be a possible plot angle -- especially when there are games like Grand Theft Auto and Hitman out there. Something to ponder, no?

June 16, 2008

Mentally Tough

This spot has been around awhile, but I hadn't seen it until this weekend. On Father's Day, actually. Maybe it was the mood of the day, but this just jumped out of TV and slapped me around a little in terms of relevance. A great example of the right spot placed at just the right time. Creating spots like this seems deceptively simple. Oh, hell you just take a quote from an interview Earl did a few years ago and cut together some old footage. But crafting a spot this tight and this on strategy out of found material is, in no way, as easy as it sounds. WK is just so damn good at this stuff. The Magnificent Bastards strike again.

File under: marketing to men.

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