August 10, 2011

Sharpie + creative + styrofoam = awesome.

Oh, Sharpie, you are so delicious.

July 07, 2011

AC #69 Now Available.

The Thrity Rooms To Hide In Addition.

John and Tug talk with Master Jedi Luke Sullivan about his new book Thirty Rooms To Hide In, creativity and getting out of advertising. It's a great Sunday afternoon chat with almost no cursing and only minorly bothersome mouth sounds.

Give it a listen won't you?

And stay tuned. 'Coming in August 2011: The American Copywriter Reboot.


Click to preview book


May 12, 2011

Your parental guilt trip of the day.

Oh, how many times have I given my own children "the finger." Thanks for the find Sir Ernie.

January 20, 2011

Colbert and the artist

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Art Stephen Up Challenge - Wade Hampton
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Friend of AC, best man of JJ, and super art guy Wade Hampton was the first artist featured in the Colbert's Nation user generated art contest. More evidence that the AC nation still rules. You may or may not remember Wade from this old AC episode about creativity.

November 11, 2010

Snow White Redux

This track is created with vocal syllables, musical chords and sound effects recorded from the 1937 Disney classic Snow White And The Seven Dwarfs. A lot more cool stuff here.

November 05, 2010

Cleveland responds to LeBron's new spot.

Interesting (and nicely done) parody of the new LeBron spot. Wondering if any of friends in Cleveland have any additional info?

October 11, 2010

You know you've made it when your campaign goes Muppet.

What's not to love?

September 20, 2010

A real revolution in social media.


You've probably seen this. I hadn't. This is right up my comedic alley. Best touch? "France likes this." 

May 20, 2010

The definition of "epic" courtesy of Nike and W+K.

The Magnificent Bastards score. Seriously, this is a stunner. My very favorite thing in a very long time. Thanks to Hey Whipple for the find.

January 29, 2010

Do we really need the office?

It seems to be an often-asked question in the minds of agency people everywhere, and the answer seems to be that "there are just some things that have to be done face to face." One of those "some things" that comes up a lot in discussions I have about this very topic is brainstorming.

Sure, we could just call in or get on iChat, but it wouldn't be the same. There's just something about the creative momentum that forms when a few talented people get together in a physical room that can't be translated into 1s and 0s.

Shit. Maybe not. This bunch of obviously talented created people fired up their webcams, grabbed their instruments and made something that sings. No pun intended. 

Now, before you say anything, yes -- I know that making music isn't exactly the same as making advertising. But I would argue that much of the process is the same. Mountains of details have to be worked out. Tone and voice and everybody's roles have to be discussed. And most importantly, ideas have flow freely amongst colleagues in order to transform an idea into a Big Idea. 

These guys obviously did all that (quite well) without ever, at any time, being in the same room. Hell, most of them weren't even in the same COUNTRY. So why do we have to be? Why do we have to do in cubes what we could be doing from home or Rome or...wherever? 

It's a question that I, for one, am going to keep asking. I hope somebody can give me an answer that makes sense one of these days. If you think you have one, feel free to share it in the comments.

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